Essay on How Adolescents Are Doing With Their Time

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The main point of this paper was to analyze and convey what adolescents are doing with their time and what it means for how and in what way they are developing in that time. Reed Larson, the author of the paper brings up how over the years young people have started to do less and less labor work at a young age, slowly receding to more of an emphasis on school work and supplemental discretionary time. Time doing chores have lowered as more kids start becoming more distracted in other time takers such a television and the new monster of their time the internet. Adolescents going up today have a new sense of interconnectedness and have much more opportunities to spend their time wisely or not so wisely. The schoolwork that has over taken labor is still not much a priority in today’s youth as the US ranks last in industrialized nations in how long their population of youth spend on their homework. As there are many overarching complications with such a broad statistics the author of the paper is clear to say that it is not so cut and dry more East-Asian countries that employ higher homework have felt the black lash as their youth resent it even though it is so ingrained in their culture. At the end of the paper the author clearly concludes that they only logical answer to receive optimal academic development is to be authoritarian with their academic practices with strict homework and specified leisure unlike the unstructured leisure many of the youth discussed have being…

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