Essay on How Human Minds And Brains Are Not Pure?

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In his thesis Nicholas Carr states his opinion by saying “My mind isn’t going-so far as I can tell- but it’s changing” he’s stating that he’s not stupid but Carr’s way of processing and receiving information is different than it used to be since technology has taken over his day to day life. He’s reasons for his opinion is that he’s not reading as he used to, not comprehending the same way and he’s concentration is not there anymore, he’s mind wonders back and forth. In his essay Carr talks about how human minds and brains are not pure anymore, our brains are being molded to act and behave like a machine instead of a human. He begins by explaining the reasons why he thinks his brain has been changed and it is now scattered and not focused. He’s constantly on the interned searching and surfing the web for new information, starting one article without finishing it, moving to another one over and over again, not letting his brain take in the complete information and letting his brain process the information completely. Carr speaks of how the “NET”(Carr) has become the universal way for humans to communicate and get informed. Numerous scholars are finding it harder and harder to stay focused; Bruce Friedman a blogger of computers in medicine called his recent way of thinking “staccato” meaning he quickly scans information without taking it all in. Even though humans are reading now more than ever because of all the easy access to information, the current reading style…

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