Essay about How Light Can Affect Our Body And State Of Mind

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Imagine a magnificent array of red, blue, purple, hot pink, and white lights flashing brilliantly in front of someone forming an image using spontaneous movements with one’s hands, moving the lights in a way that will leave one bewildered from the fascinating display. In order to appreciate gloving, it is important to understand its nature, its mechanics, and its application of the art of poi.
Humans are creatures who experience the world mainly through sight, so illumination is a huge part of our being. Through studies, humans have learned how light can affect our body and state of mind. It is definite that there is a certain connection between our state of being and the type of illumination around us. Gloving is an art form centered on light. Because gloving culture is so new, there has been very little study done on the entrancing effects of lightshows on an individual’s mind. Glovers while performing create a picture with the patterns of light flowing from their fingertips. While watching someone get a lightshow from a skilled glover, one can see his expression change being happy, surprised, and excited. It is clear that from external signs, lightshows have positive effects on people (Parker). With the steady growth of this culture, people are slowly starting to accept it as an art form.
Gloving is an art all on its own. It is completely unique and personal to every artist or glover (EmazingLights). No two light shows are the same, meaning that whatever comes to mind…

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