How Music Affects The Human Mind Essay

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Music can take on many meanings and there are many forms of music that come in different languages throughout the world. So it is reasonable to conclude that music does affect a person 's mood and personality throughout his or her life. Despite the fact that music plays such an important role in a person 's life, there are still people who do not care about the art and the cultural aspect behind different types of music that we experience in everyday life. Interviewed on Steve Menche podcast, “Why Do Listeners Enjoy Music that Makes them Weep?” Professor David Huron talks about how his research in psychology helps him relate to the study of humanities, which could be connected to the understanding of how music affects the human mind. With this idea, we as listeners, can engage with the different ways that people can interact with music in their lived and understand more about what causes the moods and emotions that a person feels when they experience music.
In his podcast, Huron suggests that musicology is a sea of knowledge which is continually to double itself every eight years, making it a never ending battle of finding the true meaning behind the art of music; therefore, a musicologist must be willing to work extremely hard to study a new skill that then can help them to discover the unknown secrets of music. Huron also gives his explanation on how the absence of pattern in the brain can play a large role on whether the listener can find the song enjoyable or not. In…

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