How Technology Affects Our Minds Essay

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Technology has long been viewed as being inherently progressive, satisfying our immediate curiosities, making work easier and more efficient, and increasing the intelligence of the user all the while. Recent discussions about the reality of these assumptions have stimulated further experiments about how technology and the Internet actually affects our minds, how we think, and ultimately how we interact. Some argue that the Internet allows for fast and easy access to vast amounts of information, and acts as a platform for communication between people who would’ve never had the chance to converse. Adversely, people who are skeptical about the perceived eminence of the Internet argue that technology has an underlying effect on people, of which the consequences have not yet been fully considered. The best perspective on this issue is reflected by Nicholas Carr in his book The Shallows, when he writes, “The price we pay to assume technology’s power is alienation. . .The tools of the mind amplify and in turn numb the most intimate, the most human, of our natural capacities--those for reason, perception, memory, emotions” (Carr 211). Carr’s account of the impacts of technology underlines the truth of the matter; technology has detrimental repercussions to the unique and invaluable traits that distinguish humans as humane.
The ability to make rational decisions is what allows people to distinguish between good and bad, truth and deception, and to understand concatenation. Reasoning…

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