How Technology Has Changed Our Minds Essay

1127 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 5 Pages
It is really hard to detect what has been changed by technology inside our minds because we cannot directly see the mental changes with our eyes. However, the changes brought by technology do exist, both subtle and obvious, and can be exposed by looking into our behaviors in everyday life. So how has technology influenced our thoughts and behaviors, and how should we adjust to the changes? The four articles written by Kevin Kelly, Nicholas Carr, Clive Thompson and Sherry Turkle about the relationship between technology and humans indicate how technology gradually influences our minds and how we normally face these changes. At the same time that Carr and Turkle believe that all the advantages brought by technology come with their respective disadvantages, Kelly and Thompson also think we always have the initiative to decide whether we should comply with the disadvantages in our minds or we can work around the disadvantages to be beneficial. On one hand, technology helps people to be more connected to the outer world conveniently; on the other hand, technology makes it harder for people to discern which is the right or suitable way to maintain relationships. When it comes to the topic of teenagers and social media, most of us will readily agree that social media just create an unreal world on the Internet for teenagers who can easily get addicted. However, is that unreal world actually as bad as most people assume? In the article “No Need to Call”, Turkle demonstrates that…

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