Essay on How Technology Has Changed The Minds Of Society

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In the 21st century many may agree that the nation has become a technology based society. As technology has advanced society has progressed with it, although the new equipment has come in handy the evolvement has corrupted the minds of society. Some would agree that the biggest impact would be of the minds of the younger generations. Although many have benefited from technology, the question that comes up is; has the presentation of technological advancements changed the mindset in current day society? The growth of technology has negatively influenced the minds of present day society because it is seen as something individuals need, it isolates people from reality, and barricades their communication.
In the article, “For and against technology today’s kids are smarter than their parents” the authors explain both sides as to why they agree or disagree with the statement. One of the authors claims that children are more “adaptable to technology” (Goffin). Goffin explains how technology is something the youth know to their advantage. A few years ago they did not have the advantage of being exposed to so much advanced technology, just the basic things such as MP3 music players (Goffin). He then explains that only 38 percent of adults have asked their children about technological issues, he is surprised it isn’t more. On the other hand the other author Brian Clegg explains that there is that 38 percent, but believes that it does not determine whether the child is more clever…

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