How Time Fly 's Essay

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How Time Fly’s For me, it has always been easy to loose myself in a drawing. Almost similar to a scavenger hunt I search for every detail to make the drawing come to life. Often I will lose track of time that seems to pass around me in a flash. For the past few years I have been working diligently to improve my art skills. So far I have noticed numerous growth, but I’m not content. The biggest competition I had known at the time has been at the Washington Parish Free Fair, an annual event of Washington Parish with a variety of contest to enter and rides to enjoy. I expected only the best ribbons handed out for my art work; however when I didn’t receive the best I would turn crimson red in anger and blame the judges. It was winter and school just started back after Christmas break-- I was the ninth grade. My art teacher Mrs. Caron Knight – a shorter than average women with grey hair and wore black rectangular glasses – announced to the small class of fourteen of the Literary Rally art division at Southeastern college and she could send eight, two for each category. The categories where: black and white, sculpture, colored painting, and finally colored drawing my favorite. Her requirements where for each student in the class to brainstorm eight project plans therefore, she could choose herself one piece for each student to work on. As well determine who the lucky eight would be. The next day after closely examining all project plans turned in, Mrs. Caron Knight made her…

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