How Vesper As Beautiful Woman Essay

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Bond describes how Vesper as beautiful woman doesn’t think she is always taken seriously, thus dresses more masculine as well as dorning a more ‘prickly’ demeanor as to not be misjudged by her male coworkers. In the 1960s, such judgement would not be appropriate to tell someone as you first meet them as it is slightly insulting. Furthermore, the style of dress is quite contrasting. The suits the new Bond wears are tight fitting, slim and chic. The dresses Vesper wears, and other women who appear in the film, are very low-cut, revealing, and tight fitting as well. The sexualization of women in society is prominent in both films, as even the coined term ‘Bond girl’ is well-known. The early version of Casino Royale starts to push the envelope of sexualization in film with lines such as ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever gone around with a man’, ‘...Celestial Virgin of the Sacred Altar. Figuratively speaking, of course’, and ‘“Is he dead?" "Hard to tell. He always looked like that"’ in a reference to a man being a drunk. The lines of humor in the 1967 version are only borderline racy, only hinting to the meaning behind the line but never outright with anything the could be construed as dirty. The further sexualization of society, particularly in regard to women, is also portrayed through the relationships they have with men in the original Casino Royale. The line ‘He’s not just a man. He’s a god.’ is a perfect example of this. The ‘Bond girls’ are just that, disposable and only…

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