Human Resorce Management vs. Operations Management vs.Preoject Management

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Orlandus Leonard
Human Resources Management vs. Operational Management
Kaplan University
MT 435 Operations Management

Human Resources Management and Operational Management are two very distinct managements that are strangely co-dependent of each other in my view.
Operations Management is responsible for designing, operating and improving productive systems or in layman’s terms, systems for getting work done. Operations Managers are found in all walks of life. In anything you basically do or have done there are operations managers. When you go to the store, when you buy gas, in factories, in hospitals, banks even in your government there are operation managers. They are the ones who design systems, who ensure the quality of your
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Successful implementation of these principles will help to ensure the success of the business. In comparison Human Resources Management is the organizational arm that is responsible for basically the most important company asset which are the employees. Whereas operations management is about doing the job, human resource management is about the people doing the job. Part of the responsibilities of human resources management is to oversee the recruiting of new employees, interviewing, and the hiring of employees who fill the need of the organization and add positively to the work culture and environment. They also serve as a go between for employees and the organizations management. Their processes involve ensuring staffing issues are handled appropriately and fairly, advising managers on the organizations policies and administering employee services. There are four primary principles referred to as the Harvard Map. They help to determine how human resource strategic management affect the three stakeholders: employees, the organization and the community that the organization belongs to (Beer & Walton, 1985). They are Commitment- employees have to commit to the organization and the organization commits in return investing in them providing training opportunities and performance evaluations as well as goal setting activities. Competence- this is provided through training and orientation to upgrade and improve employees skill set and

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