I Have A Time Management Plan Essay

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There are many things that need to be done and while some things can be done in my own time, some things also have a deadline. I have made a time-management plan that displays how I will manage my time while taking this course, as well as courses to come. When listing my primacies in order of importance, I found that there is more going on in my life than I realized. I have always felt as if there was nothing there for me, but now I have my daughter, my fiance, as well as school, and things can get hectic. Never have I thought of constructing a plan that shows what needs to be done first down to what can be done later. After reviewing this week 's units, I have written a list of my priorities as well as a time-management plan that gives an explanation of how my time will be used while furthering my education. In my list of priorities, my first priority is myself. To some, this may sound selfish, but looking after my own well-being helps all the other areas of my life fall into balance, and making myself happy does not need to be extravagant. Occasionally, I just need a couple of minutes to myself to relax and free my mind, especially when I am stressed out. I make sure I take care of myself mentally, physically, spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, and socially. Through my actions, my daughter will learn that it is extremely important to take care of herself, too. This only applies when nothing extreme is happening. For example, if my daughter were to be sick in…

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