In the Time of Butterflies Essay

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Amanda Jeffries

In The Time Of The Butterflies

From 1930 until 1961, General Leonidas Trujillo held absolute control of the Dominican Republic. His alliance and support from the army, church, and wealthy families and also the press were the foundation of his dictatorship. His formula to remain in power was simple: murder anyone who opposed him. Therefore anyone who wanted a fair government was declared an enemy of the state. General Trujillo wanted everyone to reproduce based on color. More than 30,000 thousand people were executed and many of them were black during his regime of terror. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (www.

“The Roles Of Women In The Dominican Republic” from the National
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He touches Minerva inappropriately, and she slapped him in the face. Trujillo allows them to leave. The next day the police arrive at the family farm and take Minerva's father away. Minerva goes to the palace and Trujillo rolls a dice to determine if Minerva and her family go free. Minerva accepts, but asks if she wins, then she goes free and also gets to attend law school. She rolls the dice and wins, and Trujillo lets her leave.

Her father is released from prison, but was tortured and soon dies. While attending his funeral, the police chief delivers Minerva a letter permitting her to attend law school. Minerva's hatred of Trujillo is strong, but she accepts his "gift" to attend law school because she sees it as her only way to oppose Trujillo. In law school, Minerva discovers that Lio has been killed. She meets Manolo, another member of the resistance, who knows her as "Butterfly". She becomes a member of the resistance, and later Patria and Mate learn of her activities and become involved too. She falls in love with Manolo, and they get married. She completes law school but her license is withheld by Trujillo as revenge.

After law school, Minerva has children, but continues her involvement in the resistance. Her, Mate, and many resistance members are arrested and sent to jail. Minerva becomes a symbol, and many prisoners, guards, and outsiders secretly voice their support for "the Butterflies”. Eventually Minerva and Mate are

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