Industrial Management - What Is the Purpose of Work Measurement Enumerate Its Use What Are the Various Allowances Considered in Time Study Define “Rating”. What Is Its Necessity. What Is Its Necessity

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Industrial Management

1. To compare three sites, the various factors are listed, as given below. Select the optimal location and give reasons for your choice:

| |Site A |Site B |Site C |
| |Rs. |Rs. |Rs. |
|Rent |20,000 |10,000 |10,000 |
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Silken sarees at Kanjiwaram ( Tamil Nadu ) x. YMCA Institute of Engineering at Faridabad xi. Indian Oil Refinery at Mathura xii. Iron foundaries at Agra xiii. Brass sheet industry at Moradabad xiv. Bed sheet industry at Sholapur. xv. Escort Tractors Ltd. At Faridabad.

3. a. What do you understand by “Centralised Production Planning and Control”? Give its advantages.

b. What is the position of P.P.C. in a works organization? Show it with the help of a chart.

4. a. What do you understand by the ‘Follow up’ function of production planning and control? Explain

b. Give a specimen of “Gantt Chart” which is normally used in the production planning and control department and describe briefly how it could be used for checking the actual progress of a job against the schedule

5. a. What are the various Indirect Expenses which are essential in estimating the total cost? Explain

b. What do you understand by depreciation? Explain

6. a. What is the purpose of Work Measurement? Enumerate its uses

b. What are the various allowances considered in Time Study?

c. Define “Rating”. What is its necessity?

7. a. What are the techniques of work measurement? Explain each of them briefly.

b. Why is a job broken down into elements and what are the general rules for selection of elements?

8. a. How

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