Essay on Intelligence : A Great Mind

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Many people may have different view points about intelligence. A great mind, a good idea, and a good quality of once personality will go along with intelligence to help people achieve his/her success. In achieving success, intelligence does have an important role based on the Outliers book. Gladwell, the book’s author, stated that a smart person will know how to deal with difficult situations, more self-confidence to communicate with others, and know how to plan for the bright future (with many good opportunities).
First of all, knowing how to deal with difficult situation is a very hard thing, not many people try to solve their problems to the end. According to Outliers, Chris Langan said "To this day I haven 't met anybody who was as poor when they were kids as our family was,"(91) His mother had four different husbands and four sons. Because of the pressure on his shoulders is too strong, Chris had to work a lot of jobs to help his family. By his intelligence, he received the full scholarship go to Reed College; unfortunately, he lost that scholarship because his mother never updated scholarship information. He left Reed College with all F 's on his transcript unlike the first semester when he got all As.Then he decided to enrolled at Montana State University. One more time he has to leave the university because he has the problem with the class schedule. But "He has become the public face of genius in American life, a celebrity outlier. He gets invited on news shows and…

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