Invisible Persuaders : The Battle For Your Mind Essay example

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Advertising plays a huge role in the U.S. economy and fulfills many consumer needs (Advertising, 2011, p.129). Furthermore, Medoff and Kaye explain, advertising generates revenue by persuading people to purchase products and services (2011, p. 137). Individuals are exposed to anywhere between three to five thousand advertising messages per day (Advertising, 2011, p. 153). The film Invisible Persuaders: The Battle for Your Mind, demonstrates how individuals are meticulously targeted for persuasion through marketing and advertising techniques. Invisible Persuaders, identified three methods, packaging, naming or labeling, and repetition used to persuade individuals into consuming certain products or sell you an idea. The goal or message from Invisible Persuaders is to inform an individual how to detect persuasion hints and alert you of their very existence.

Invisible Persuaders incorporates many audio and visual techniques to amplify its message. For instance, at the very start of the film there is a sound playing that appears to be a radar or some type of warning or alert sound byte. This sound byte is repeated a few times in between content shifts. Immediately following, the film begins with a visual example of comparing two different cars speed ability that included some audio that was an important part to this example. From that point on, Invisible Persuaders continued to exhibit illustrations throughout the film for comparison purposes in showing the association between…

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