Is It Touched Your Heart And Mind? Essay

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2. Share why it touched your heart and mind.

This passage touched my heart and mind because as an immigrant it is difficult to hear how they labeled immigrants depending on what ethnicity they were. Their ethnicity depended on who was going to get a job and what job they would do and many of them hated each other because they were competing against each other and it all depended on what race they were. Many immigrants were against each other and talked down to each other using derogatory words instead of uniting because they had so much in common like “labor experiences, hopeful dreams, and, above all, values” (Takaki, 2008). It is sad to hear that if a person was a certain ethnicity, instead of knowing someone as a person, they were said to be lazy or ignorant and all of the people with that ethnicity were considered the same. Most of my family is immigrants and they have gone through the same labeling that many immigrants went through before that is why this passage hurts my heart. It makes me think of all of the hardworking immigrants that have been labeled just because they are Mexican, African American, and Chinese just to name a few.

3. From what you have read for today what was new, even surprising for you?

One of the things that I found new from my reading today was for how much they would sell people and cattle for. People were sold for tobacco and Africans were valued higher than English servants, goats, and pigs. Africans were more expensive than English…

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