Is It Worth The Time? Essay

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Parent Taught Vs. Driver Education
Is driver education necessary? Parents of fifteen-year-old teenagers ask this question every day. Is it worth the time? Money? Effort? Well according to statistics and studies, I am here today to tell you, the parents, that it is worth it. There are long term and short term affects to parent taught driving. Driver education courses have their perks and benefits of being the ultimate road safety guideline to your teen’s driving skills.
Are you thinking about teaching your teen to drive? Well, in this case, parents may not know best. There is a lot at risk when taking the responsibility of teaching the rules of the road. Remember, parents are role models, according to Klein, “Through our actions and words, our children learn our attitudes towards driving.” (110). This means the running through yellow lights, rolling past stop signs, and the cursing at the car that just cut you off needs to come to an end. Apparently if you choose to teach your child to drive you must start from the very beginning, and I’m not talking about the lesson. The teaching begins when your child is just yet a toddler and is learning to buckle their seat belt and learning the rules of being in the car. (110). Toddlers will learn that there is no type of bad behavior permitted in the car and there is no exception when it comes to the seat belt; it must be buckled. If you are a parent and are a saint in the car, you should have no problem teaching your toddler the first…

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