Is Time A Effective As A Person? Essay

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This class has helped me in many ways to become more effective as a person. There are many activities and discussions we have done in our class that helped us become successful as a person, but the most important discussion and/or activity that helped me become more effective as a person is a time log. In addition, time management is one of the most important life skills an individual can learn. As many of us know the time log is a valuable tool for evaluating how to use your time effectively. The reason I said time log has helped me become more effective as a person is because from this activity I was not only able to learn how to manage my time, but also it helped me to stay focused more on significant things like doing all the assignments on time, without wasting my time on social media things, and it also helped me to eliminate my low-value activities to focus more on productive tasks. I am a person who always procrastinates on every assignment before is due because I am a very bad person at managing time for each task. For example, one day I had a lot of homework to do, but there was so little time I did not know where to start first, so I decided to work on my writing class reflection paper before I start studying for my math exam. I said to myself, “I should spend only 2 hours on my reflection paper that way I have time to study for the math exam as well.” However, on my reflection paper, I end up spending almost five hours because I wasted so much time on social…

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