It Project Management Essay

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IT Project Management Assessment

CIS 517

1. Summarizes how the project manager or team exhibited exceptional and ethical project management practices.
Often, the project manager (PM) is faced with an issue that is not easily resolved by theory or the knowledge acquired from formal training. These types of problems are usually not of a technical nature and more often tend to be ethical or human resource issues (Stare, 2011). The satisfactory answer is often debatable and may suit one set of circumstances and yet not another. It is these difficult issues where the PM must draw from their practical experiences, moral and ethical obligations, and sometimes the rule of law. For example, international
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Discusses the role of the project manager or team, the organizational setting, the recipient’s approach to project integration management, and obstacles that had the potential of adversely impacting the triple constraints.
Some of us are familiar with the term, triple constraint, which refers to the three way conflict between scope, time, and cost. The constraint is often represented diagrammatically by a triangle. What the diagram attempts to show is that if something change in any constraint it should impact the other two constraints in some way. For example, if you increase the scope of a project, this will have the effect of increasing the time taken and thus the cost of the project (DiVincenzo, 2006). Also, if you reduce the time taken, but you are not prepared to reduce the scope, then clearly it’s going to cost more to complete the project. Triple constraint is one of the least understood, but most important keys to understand in project management. The discipline of project management is about providing the tools and techniques that enable the project team and not just the project manager to organize the work to meet the constraints. Another tactic to project management is to consider the three constraints as finance, time and human resources. If you need to finish a job in a shorter time, you can throw more people at the problem, which in turn will raise the cost of the project, unless by doing this task quicker you will reduce costs elsewhere in the

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