It 's A Beautiful Thing : Art, Culture, History And Humanity Essay example

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"It 's a Beautiful Thing": Art, Culture, History and Humanity in George Orwell 's 1984

In 1984 George Orwell pulls readers into his horrific and at the same time awe- inspiring totalitarian society, dictated by a dystopian political system that builds a world on omnipresent surveillance, public manipulation, oppression, hatred, propaganda and "their sole motive, [which is] the quest for power" (Paul 215) . Due to the unconditional control the party has over Oceania, there is evidently a paucity of beauty, culture and history. Art plays a crucial part of humanity, history and our depiction of the truth. It helps us capture certain moments, enriches our emotional world and illuminates our inner lives. In Oceania, Minitrue dictates entertainment, literature and the fine arts and the party can "thrust its hand into the past and say… it never happened." Consequently, “Who controls the past controls the future.
Who controls the present controls the past.” The people are enslaved to the party and in some aspect have lost a piece of what makes them human. Therefore, in 1984, Winston 's love for cultural artifacts, the beauty of nature, language, the arts and his obsession with the past, result in him becoming the most artistic and fully human character. Orwell further enhances the anti-utopian quality of his totalitarian society by showing us the importance of art on humanity, culture, history, "the spirit of man" and our intellect.
Cultural artifacts give us a brief…

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