Jonathan Kozol 's Preparing Minds For Markets Essay

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Jonathan Kozol’s “Preparing Minds for Markets” offers an insight into the modern public education system and the curriculums provided by inner city schools today. The author wants to point out the flaws in the education system and expose the corporate corruption that has occurred in government funded schools. While many students in these lower income neighborhoods would benefit from some of these changes to the statutory educational agenda, forcing job training and career decisions onto elementary students is a grave injustice.
“Preparing Minds for Markets” was an extremely interesting expose about how corporate America has taken over the public education system. According to this piece, corporations are influencing legislation that corrupts the curriculum of metropolitan public schools to become more workforce-oriented. Government funded schools with a majority African-American and Hispanic populations are becoming a fast track to the work force, making children choose at an extremely young age what career they would like to have as an adult and immersing them in job training before they enter middle school. Many center city elementary schools have begun giving every student small responsibilities and calling them the manager of this small unimportant task. The author attempts to exemplify how this approach to education is actually more harmful to America’s youth than it is helpful. Kozol depicts an ambitious and vivacious elementary student he encountered while touring one…

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