Essay on Knowledge Management

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1. Introduction
‘Knowledge is power’, an old saying from Francis Bacon, which is considered as a true statement that has been recognised for a long time (Greco, 1993; Nielsen and Rasmussen, 2011). Especially, in recent 20 years, the interest and importance of knowledge in organisations has been increased remarkably in both theoretically and practically (Cheema, 2010; Knight and Howes, 2003; Rasmussen and Nielsen, 2011). The reason is revealed by Migdadi (2009) and Politis (2005), in the new economy, the intangible resource, knowledge has become the foundation of organisational competitiveness compared to tangible assets. In other words, the traditional driving factors of production, including, land, labour and capital have turned into the
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Therefore, in management philosophy, the antecedent of knowledge management has become a crucial research issue and central topic. Evidence from du Plessis (2007) and Malhotra (2002) indicate that knowledge management is a continuous process, which associated with accessing all the information within an organisation that encompass to applying and capturing knowledge to achieve organisational objective, as well as to knowing what firms already know, creating new knowledge, in addition, knowledge management is a driven action for learning in business operation (Firestone and McElroy, 2004).

In doing so, businesses can capture the knowledge which has embedded in their organisations efficiently and effectively, as well as deployed knowledge into their operations. Production and services therefore will gain an edge over to their competitors through knowledge acquisition and knowledge dissemination. As the importance of knowledge in today’s new economy, this study seeks to contribute to knowledge management. The purpose of this study is to critically examining the old adage “Knowledge is power” in organisational and managerial perspective. This paper commences with outlining that what kinds of power that knowledge may have thought analysis the relationship between knowledge and power. The analysis of the impact of knowledge as a source of power will be followed, and the paper

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