Lewis Vs. Lewis 's Theory Of God Essay

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Throughout history people have been fighting over if God exists or not. Two of those people are named C.S. Lewis, who believed that God exists, and Sigmund Freud, who believed that God does not exist. According to Armand Nicholi, Freud and Lewis thought the question of God was the most important question in the world. Out of the two, one of them had a stronger case for his worldview. Despite Sigmund Freud for giving strong counterarguments against C.S. Lewis 's worldview, C.S. Lewis made the stronger case for his worldview because Chesterton influenced him, he questioned the New Testament, and figured so many people in his life believed in God. C.S. Lewis for most of his early life thought that God did not exist but then certain events led him to the worldview he hold until he died in 1963. Lewis had eleven factors go into his conversion to Christianity. Three of the factors were the most compelling evidence of why Lewis worldview is stronger than Freud’s. One of the major factors was when he started to question the New Testament. The specifically the part of the New Testament he questions is the gospels. He says that the Gospels could not be myths or legends because they lacked the artistic quality of talented writers. If they were not myths then they had to be true. The bible must be true if the Gospels are not myths. Another factor was G. K. Chesterton’s Everlasting Man. In the book, it states that none of the teachers in history ever claimed that they are…

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