Life Is Beautiful By Roberto Benigni Essay

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The year is 1939. Those of Jewish origin have been dehumanized as well as blamed for Germany’s failure in World War One. To rectify this a man by the name of Adolf Hitler has assumed control of Germany promising to return Germany to former greatness and glory. Part of his plan was called the “Final Solution” which involved the extermination of every Jewish man, woman, and child. Eliminating the Jewish people as they were considered vastly inferior to those of the “perfect Aryan race”. Life is Beautiful is one of countless films that have attempted to capture the essence of the Holocaust and relay it to an audience. And in fact done it quite successfully being nominated for best directing, film editing, original screenplay and best picture. Also winning best music, dramatic score, and best foreign film at the seventy first academy awards. The film has been accepted and well received throughout the world grossing almost 230 million worldwide. Life is Beautiful is a comedy directed by Roberto Benigni, it centers around Guido Orefice (Benigni) an Italian Jew and his wife Dora (Nicoletta Braschi) and his son Giosue (Giorgio Cantarini) during the Holocaust. It focuses heavily on the outrageous and juvenile antics of Guido to downplay the seriousness of the events occurring in the world around him. In Wright’s article “Don’t Touch My Holocaust’: Responding to ‘Life is Beautiful’” she both criticizes and praises the film. Praising the story it tells and the themes it presents to…

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