Life Is Beautiful Guido Orefice, By Roberto Renigi Essay

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In Life is Beautiful Guido Orefice, played by Roberto Renigi, is an Italian Jew that falls in love with Dora, played by Nicoletta Braschi, who engaged to marry someone else at the time. After much laughter, perfectly timed flirting, and an ambush here and there Dora was soon in love. She allowed herself to be whisked away on a green horse on her engagement party by Guido. They got married and had a son, Giosuē, played by Giorgio Cantarini. While preparing for Giosuē fifth birthday party, German soldier arrested Guido and Giosuē and aboard them on a train to send them off to a concentration camp. Unable to be apart from her family, Dora demanded to be allowed on that train, and so it was the Renigi family was on their way. While watching Life is Beautiful, it’s easy to see the unethical and immoral treatment the prisoners endured. Good innocent people suffered but for what? Because one man decided to exercise the concept of ethical subjectivism which means “the view that the ultimate moral authority is the individual or the subject”(****) this which lead to social anarchy resulted in torture and casualties of innocent people. After watching this movie, I wasn’t so interested in the Nazi SS moral values but the prisoners. One would think that after being arrested for no good reason and having to endure unjust treatment their moral compass will go south, and yet throughout the movie you see the prisoners act with kindness, love, and compassion.
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