Life Of A Beautiful Housewife Essay

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A beautiful housewife living in a huge home always dreamt about having a little girl who was as white as the snow, red as blood and black as the midnight sky. She saw a shooting star one night and wished for a beautiful baby girl that she could love unconditionally. Her wish came true as she became pregnant when she was 26 years old with a loving father who had so much money it would last them for eternity. When she was pregnant, she would look in the mirrors to see how far along she was in her pregnancy and that’s when she started to hear voices talking to her. They’d tell her frightening things like, “your stupid”, “ your baby won’t make it” or “ do as I say or you’ll never have a healthy baby”.
One day, she was starring in the mirror and she saw ruby lipstick blood dripping down her legs forming a pool of blood on the hardwood floor. She became delirious that people intended to hurt her baby and that her pregnancy was going to inevitably terminate. Her husband grew enormously concerned for her and reassured her that it was just a dream and that not a soul on earth would bring harm to their baby. In the spring time, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Snow. Unfortunately, these voices amplified in occurrences and severity when her daughter was born. The voices commanded her to kill her daughter and deliver it to god, but Snow’s mother refused to listen and locked herself in the bathroom for hours rocking back and forth oblivious to the hours and days…

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