Love Is A Beautiful Thing Essay

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Love is a beautiful thing most people of this generaration believe that love is a horrible thing some are afraid of getting there harts broken. Or some just don’t believe in love well that was my problem I didn’t believe in love. Until, I went through a love life changing experience. It all started, when I was a little girl I promised myself I would never fall in love. Because of what my sisters went through. I saw lots of break ups as well as heart breaks. Even if I was in relationship with another man I would not be in love with them. I wouldn’t let myself fall in love until I met Joe my current boyfriend. The story of me and Joe wasn’t a crazy love story or romantic one. My love life experience with Joe started in 2013. We had a mutual friend he thought Joe and I would be great together. So he introduced us and it was not love at first sight for me. I don’t know what we talked about all I remember was that I had really big problems in the past. Thankfully he was there when I needed someone to talk to I thought he was a nice guy, sadly it was the last day of school didn’t think I would see him again. On August 24th in 2014 when school started we saw each other as a result we reconnected. Then, during that year we talked a lot we became best friends. I saw him as one of my friends, he saw me as more. I knew that he did, also I didn’t have the same feelings I was just not ready for love or a relationship. Besides didn’t want to risk losing one of…

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