Maintenance Management Systems : Yard Management System Essay

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If you look at everything that 's around you, chances are high that most of the things you see have passed through a supply chain. Supply chains handle a large volume of products on a daily basis, so it is vital that they operate efficiently with minimal errors. In order to operate efficiently, supply chains often use logistical subsystems to manage high volumes of products. One of the logistical subsystems that gets overlooked is the yard management system. Yard management systems, commonly referred to as YMS, are logistical subsystems that track the trailers within the yard of a distribution center. Yard management systems allow employees to know the location of a trailer, what products are in the trailer, how long it has been in the yard, and other information. Having an effective YMS is crucial to maintaining an efficient supply chain. Due to the fact that yard management systems are overlooked, many companies don 't install them until after they start experiencing trouble managing their yard. An example of a company implementing a yard management system is a case study involving NYK Logistics.
NYK Logistics is a logistics company located in Secaucus, New Jersey. They ship and distribute a high volume of goods including but not limited to food and beverages, clothing, consumer goods, industrial goods, and natural resources. They have a distribution center located in Long Beach, California that receives over 50,000 containers from ships every year. They also have over…

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