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Management Aptitude Analysis Michelle Kinyungu
November 16, 2015
GM 500: Management Theories and Practices
Instructor: Peregrine

The objective for taking the management aptitude questionnaire is to determine which three skill approach I possess as a manager. The management aptitude questionnaire indicates a conceptual skill, human skills and technical skills. The purpose is to discover my strength and weaknesses in management. Although, I do not have formal management training the self- assessment is a great predictor of what type manager I will become the 21 century business world. I will be addressing the management aptitude analysis that is based on the three skills approach: conceptual, human and technical skills. After completing the self- assessment, I learned that I am solid in conceptual and human skills. I realize that I use conceptual and human skills daily. My technical skills was my weakest category I learned that I need to develop my technical skills by taking classes that focus on technical skills. Results
My results from taking the management aptitude questionnaire were the same exact score in conceptual and human skills. I received a twenty-three in both skills. I received a sixteen in technical skills. Based on the data, I can operate in conceptual and human skill as a manager. The contemporary organizational theory I can apply would be a Scientific Management…

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