Management - Efficiency and Effectiveness Essay

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A manager, as defined by Bergman, Coulter, Robbins and Stagg (2009), is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of others so that organisational goals can be accomplished. Further to this definition management, which is essentially what mangers do, involves ensuring that work activities are completed efficiently and effectively. There are three specific categorisation models to explain what exactly it is that managers do:
• Management Functions (Henry Fayol)
• Management Roles (Henry Mintzberg)
• Management Skills (Robert L. Katz)
Throughout this assignment reference will be made to Ms Williams, a middle manager working for The National Library of Australia, whom I interviewed in order to examine these aspects of Ms Williams’
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A study by Mintzberg (1975) concluded that “staff managers spend the most time in the information roles, since they are experts who manage departments that advise other parts of the organization”.
Essentially all of Ms Williams’ staff members play the spokesperson role to a certain extent as the teams’ job is to provide answers to reference enquiries asked by the public. As the manager Ms Williams’ portrayal of this role must go further than her staff members and her objective is to ensure all responses are given efficiently and effectively. To do this Ms Williams’ considers all methods available for responses to public enquires: email, telephone, email, in person etc. and ensures the best method is used to meet both the client and the organisations expectations. When portraying the disseminator Ms Williams’ communicates the results of regular performance reports to other organisation members, facilitates regular staff training sessions and passes on feedback from clients. This role is significant when aiming to complete work efficiently and effectively and it allows for areas requiring improvement to be identified and necessary changes to be made either by

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