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The Development and Implementation of Marketing Information System Within Innovation: The Increasing of Innovative Performance
Ondrej Zizlavsky
Brno University of Technology Czech Republic 1. Introduction
In his work, a prominent Czech expert on innovations, (Valenta, 2001), reached the conclusion that current tougher and tougher competition, globalization of production and markets, as well as implementation of new technologies mean that the success of businesses is dependent on effectiveness and intensity of innovation activities. Innovation is a process that is created via interactions between various actors, e.g. (Dolourex, 2004) and represents an important element of a company's future success. Each innovation is unique and
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At the same time, in his work, Professor Maciariello presents and relates to the economist Peter F. Drucker who is known because of his statement that the purpose of existence of a company rests in creation of customers, and its primary tasks are innovation and marketing (Maciariello, 2008). Only they produce results; the remainder produces only costs.


Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovative Business Models

However, without putting innovations on the market, the implementation process is not complete and, therefore, innovation cannot be considered realized. Therefore, activities related to preparation of the market and relevant marketing activities for promotion of a new product have to take place in parallel with solution of technical problems. Even though a prepared product is technically perfect, there is no guarantee that people will accept it and utilize it in the long term. Therefore, if innovation should be successful, it has to be not only feasible, but also its result, the new product, has to be marketable. It has to catch the interest of customers and invoke their willingness to buy this product. Therefore, an important aspect affecting the perception of its output, e.g.

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