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In this era of technology and information explosion, social media has become a part of our lives, almost everyone have their own Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Blogs account. Nowadays social media is becoming increasingly popular; a survey (SilkRoad Technologies, 2012) shows 75% of employees logged social media while at work at least once a day, with 60% accessing multiple times. The report also pointed out that most of companies have not develop clear guidelines and policy for using social media in workplace, only less than 10 % offering social media training to their staffs.
The workplace should not prohibit the use of social media sites? Some people said it should be but some ones said should not. Each has their own
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If someone use carried out personal attacks, bullying and harassment that would have serious consequences. In reality the majority of cyber bullying often happens (CBC News, 2013) because people are abusing the rights of freedom of expression. Of course, employees have the right to publish and share their personal feelings, life photos, videos and articles, and life trivial matters but due to most policies are confusing and lack of clear procedures in how they should use social media sites while in the workplace and off-duty periods (Willow S. Jacobson et al, 2013). The object can be a bullying boss for subordinates; colleagues defame each other, manager join their subordinates bullying other colleagues. Anyway, which type of cyber bullying employers should take a zero tolerance in the workplace must not encourage this will seriously affect staff morale and decline in productivity (David Beale et al, 2011).
Apart from the above misconduct, employees sharing confidential information of their employer or its customers are also very common. Singapore Airlines employees put their duty roster and allowances as well as their photos with passengers (YTL community, 2010). This is also conduct issue which are more directly damage the corporate’s reputation. What is personal, what is probably corporate sensitive information, employees are always confused. Let’s take SAI as example;

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