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London School of Commerce
MODULE TITLE: - MARKETING MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME: MBA SEMESTER: Semester One ACADEMIC YEAR PERIOD: February-May 2012 semester DEADLINE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Assessment Type: “Group presentation for a new marketing strategy” -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module;Group Presentation and supporting documentation (Equivalent to an overall maximum of 3000 words in total). Supporting documentation is required to be produced as an individual contribution to the assessment.
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Presentations will be stopped by the lecturer at the end of 10 minutes.

Presentations are followed by Questions which are required to be fielded by/responded to by all the members of the group. The absolute maximum timed period for questions is 10 minutes. Both times are required to be strictly adhered to. There is a stipulated Maximum of 10 power point slides in the 10 minute presentation. Students are required to be aware and are formally advised of all maximum times which will be cut off times with no exceptions.( this will be strictly adhered to by all lecturers) Power Point print outs are required to be given to the assessment team/lecturer at the time of the presentation immediately before the commencement of the presentation and will be retained by the lecturer with the individual texts provided for the presentation by each student. The contribution to the Group Presentation is deemed to be equivalent to 1000 words from each student. The Assessment Weighting for this aspect of the group assessment is 50% (all students in the particular group are awarded the same percentage)

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2 Individual Supporting Contributions to Group Presentation • • Each student is required to provide supporting documentation within a stipulated allowed maximum of 2000 words from each student. The required content of the supporting documentation produced by each student

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