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Bad Bosses Make You Sick
How poor management damages your employees' health and costs you big bucks.
How often have you heard someone say, "He makes me sick!" You may even have said it yourself. And it may not be an exaggeration. Strangely enough, the people we work with or for can actually make us ill. If you are on the receiving end, there's probably not a lot you can do about it. If you are a manager or supervisor, however, you should be fully aware of just how your actions can affect your subordinates.

Causing people problems is the mark of a poor manager, and it is likely to blow up into something serious when least expected. Those managers actually have the power and influence to make people ill is a significant problem in
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This is particularly damaging to the employee’s self-esteem and builds up.

Good managers try to catch employees doing something right, then reinforce that positive behavior resentment that gets passed on to someone else or finds an outlet in absenteeism, productivity problems, petty theft, or serious labor difficulties. If the worker doesn't vent his or her anger on the job, it may be released at home, in a familiar cycle known to psychologists as displacement, which works like this: Your boss tears a strip off you at work in the morning, and you bite your tongue and say nothing in return. But you pick a fight with your spouse when you get home. He or she in turn yells at your son, who hits his sister, who then torments the cat. The anger created by your boss gets displaced all down the line. These kinds of stresses and strains can ruin working and home relationships.

Ulcer-giving bosses tend to manage people according to a philosophy that pits the boss against the employee in a win-lose situation, and it's no surprise that is doing the winning. Bosses like this have few skills with people. They don’t know how to create and manage a team, and participatory management is a meaningless term for them. These bosses need to be in control, to be right, and to be seen as powerful. In fact, they are often unsure of themselves and have fragile self-images, which they simply disguise by attacking or blaming others.

Such bosses are often poor communicators, too.

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