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Employee Privacy
Christa Ruiz
Lanny Shipley

Employee Privacy
When entering the workplace it can be confusing knowing what is and isn’t allowed to take place during work hours. With a job comes all sorts of rules and policies and procedures that employees are expected to follow. As an employee of a company an individual is expected to uphold the companies values and perform their duties to the best of their abilities. As technology has advanced things such as the internet and use of email have become major resources companies utilize while conducting business. In every company new employees go through a training period where they are briefed on not only how to perform their job duties but what the regulations have
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Not only are those things hindering to the employees performance but they are also a potential risk to the company. Viruses are everywhere on the internet and downloading unauthorized software is a huge violation of the employee conduct agreement; by misusing the internet an individual can not only infect their computer but can potentially allow hackers to steal confidential information and documents stored on the companies servers.
Email use Employees emails are to be used for business purposes only, non job related information should not be discussed using the work email system nor should it be done on the clock. To help protect employees confidential information each person is asked to make a password to access their emails and if the email account has been idle for longer than 30 minutes it will log out and the password must be re-entered to gain use of the account. It is important for both the customers and employees that email regulation is monitored; it is mandatory that passwords to get in to work email accounts is kept on file so upper management can access the information is need be. Federal and state laws both grant companies the right to monitor email and internet use for business purposes without any notice.

K1speed has provided there employees with a very thorough handbook stating clearly the consequences of abusing the internet and email services made available to them compliments

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