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The Project Management Processes

The Project Management Processes

A methodology to manage development projects for international humanitarian assistance and relief organizations

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Managing a project requires that organizations take in consideration a system approach to manage the different elements of a project. A systems approach includes a holistic view of a project environment, and an understanding that the project is made of a series of interacting components working to meet an objective in order to obtain the desired benefits. A systems approach requires the identification of the processes that make up the entire project management framework. This framework helps understand the basic structure required to properly manage a project, by identifying the most important elements that need close supervision and careful analysis.

The Project Management Processes There are nine management processes on a development project. These are designed to help manage the different elements of a project, different projects may have different needs from each process; for example, a project that has identified that cost is a critical success factor will spend more time and effort in developing a cost management plan. These processes are the key knowledge areas or a project manager must master. One of the most critical roles of the project manager is the integration of these nine processes to ensure they all are properly coordinated. In many cases it could result in making trade-offs among the different competing expectations from

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