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Assignment 3: Organizational ControlsOver the past year, Company XYZ has experienced a lull in growth. Although their target growth rate was five percent last year, their profits actually decreased by three percent. Executive management has begun to look at the financial area of the business and has determined that the following has occurred: * There are more defects occurring in their product line. * There is excessive company debt and inconsistent cash flow and borrowing requirements. * There was a loss of key leaders in the executive management level. Prepare a detailed report in APA format (minimum of two pages, excluding the cover sheet and reference page, double spaced) that answers the following questions. Be sure to …show more content…

A control system is a set of formal and informal systems to assist the management in steering the organization towards its goals. Controls help in guiding employees effectively towards the accomplishment of the organization’s goals. Establishing a control system in an environment of distributed accountability, reengineered processes, and local autonomy and empowerment is a challenging task.
The control process in any organization can be undertaken at three levels.
These are: the strategic level, the management level, and the operational level.
Each type of control occurs primarily at one of the three distinct levels of the organizational hierarchy.
• Strategic control deals primarily with the broad questions of domain definition, direction setting, expression of the organization’s purpose, and other issues that impact the organization's long-term survival. Strategic control overlaps to some extent with the process of strategy formulation.
Strategic control also deals with issues relating to general company objectives and the implementation and monitoring of progress.
• Management control deals with effective resource utilization, the state of

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