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OCBC Bank Talent Management and Development

Introduction Overseas Chinese Bank Corporation commonly known as OCBC bank is a publicly listed financial provider which was founded in 1932 and has its headquarters in Singapore. The main area of operation is South East Asia but it has retail banking subsidiaries in several countries; these countries include Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Japan, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. The products provided by OCBC bank are corporate banking, consumer banking, asset management, insurance, investment banking and global wealth management. OCBC bank in Singapore has received recognition in different categories due to its outstanding performance in the banking sector,
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The talent management of OCBC bank is a three tier system i.e. group level, business-unit level and Human resource level. The talent management is meant for succession planning and future growth of the company. At the group level annual review meetings are held to discuss development plans for key talents, this meeting is chaired by the CEO and also attended by top management of the company to show how the leadership is committed to this course. At the business-unit level at least two strategic talent reviews are held annually by each business in the bank to evaluate talent development. At the Human Resource level employees are prepared for bigger tasks and responsibilities through stretch assignments e.g. job rotations and overseas progression (, 2015). OCBC bank has a structured hiring approach to ensure high potential talent joins the organization. Through the Post-Graduate Associate Program (PGMA), the banks have been able to target individuals with vast experience in banking and non-banking fields and are qualified post graduates. This project involves activities such as international assignments, job rotations and project assignments to assess their various skills. This project lasts and average of one and a half year. An initiative known as OCBC young bankers program was initiated in 2012 with its main goal being targeting new graduates who are interested in the banking

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