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MGMT 6100: Managing and Leading: A Contemporary Approach

Student Support and Calendar Information
So you have all key information available to you off­line, it is highly recommended that you print the following items for your reference:
Syllabus, including the Course Schedule, located below as a linked PDF
Term Calendar
Student Support

Credit Hours
3 semester hours
Walden University assigns credit hours based on the number and type of assignments that enable students to achieve the course learning objectives. In general, each semester credit equals about 42 hours of total student work and each quarter credit equals about 28 hours of total student work. This time requirement represents an
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For missing, incorrect, or damaged materials, please contact the Student Support Team. Contact information for the Student Support Team can be located in the Student Support area of the course navigation menu.
Course Texts
Walsh, M. L., Pezalla, A., & Marshall, H. R. (2014). Essential guide to critical reading and writing.
Retrieved from
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