Marriage Is A Beautiful Ceremony Uniting Two Souls Essay

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Marriage is a beautiful ceremony uniting two souls in love. Souls ready to spend the rest of their lives together. They promise to love, care, nurture, pray, and be there in sickness and health. It’s easy to get married but hard to maintain it. There are a lot of contributions that go into spending the rest of your life together. One key rule for a successful/non successful marriage is communication. Communication either makes or breaks the two individuals. Good communications daily keeps spouses engaged by trusting, talking out problems, and giving positive opinions. Bad communication keeps spouses apart, angry, bored, and sometimes depressed because of the lack talking, not trusting, and not valuing the others opinions or ideas. Trust is probably the most important key to keeping a relationship alive. Trust is built through communication. A individual should be able to close their eyes and trust that their spouse is faithful to them. No matter where the person goes late at night or during the day you shouldn’t have to worry about what they doing or with whom they are. This is where communication takes place. If they let their partner know where specifically they are going or how their day looks they wouldn’t have to worry so much. This establishes the trust in a marriage because they are communicating before something takes place rather than one finding out about something later and creating an issue. If an issue takes place they should be able to talk out the…

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