Marvin Lewis- the Three T's of Defense Essay

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As a life long Cincinnati Bengals fan, I have listened to Marvin Lewis speak several times in clinics and other coaching conventions. He has a sound concept of defense, and what it takes to be successful at the highest level. I also appreciate what he has done for the team I root for, as we were mired in a decade long of embarrassing seasons before his arrival. He has brought stability, consistency, and pride back to our franchise.
I have coached at both the high school and middle school level, and have spent time as the offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinator at the high school level at some point in my career. I stepped away from coaching three years ago to spend more time with my family. I have two children, Mackenzie is 7
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One new concept of tackling that Coach Lewis talked about that I really like is the idea of as tackle circuit. While we will do tackling drills in our individual sessions, we do not do a team tackling circuit. To do 4 our 5 different tackling drills in a 10-15 minute period would be a great way to get our team to improve our tackling. There are a number of drills we could incorporate into this period, including sideline tackling, shuffle tackling, and tackling while shedding a block. The final point I agree with Coach Lewis about is being relentless to the football. Many times a big play happens because a player happened to be in the right place at the right time. I teach that this is not by luck, or chance. “Getting 11 hats to the ball” is a staple of our defensive philosophy. We do a couple of specific drills that help us with this. The first is a pursuit drill. Most teams will have some sort of pursuit drill when working defense. It helps teach players what angles to take, and how to run to the ball. Another concept I have incorporated into our program is that of counting defensive “loafs” while watching game film from the previous day. Each time a defensive player walks or “loafs” on the field during a play, we put a tick on the board under “loafs”. After film session we will all go out and run one 40-yard dash for each loaf we have. Usually the first week we will have quite a

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