Mind And Matter - Mind Matters Essay

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Mind and Matter - Mind Matters I am heartened (actually I am thrilled) that all the newest science about the brain (and mind) is supporting and confirming the scientific approach that I already use when I teach about this. This post introduces some thrilling and exciting aspects of using the mind - the subconscious mind - deliberately.

In 1989 I said that the exploration of Human Consciousness is one of the last great frontiers that quantum science is focusing on. I say "one of the last" because I also believe that another frontier is the proving, in layman 's terms, the existence of "the Universal mind" (some call it the "Mind of God"). Those two frontiers are inexplicably bound together.

I have found Dr Joe Dispenza 's book "Evolve Your Mind" a veritable feast of recent science, which explains the deeper operation of the Human Brain and the Mind. "The Mind", Dr Joe writes, "is the brain in action." Another description of the mind that I like is "the brain at work" or Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield 's expression: "The mind is the personalisation of the brain."

An Example of "Quantum Physics"

My son-in-law, Stefan, told me of an experiment he carried out at university, whereby light passed through small holes onto a sensitive screen that measured the pattern of light hitting the screen. When the experiment was observed and then not observed, the pattern of light measured on the screen was different. That 's right! The very fact that somebody was observing the…

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