Essay on Modern Philosophy And Its Impact On The Human Mind

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Modern philosophy presented several important contributions to different matters, such as rationalism. Rationalism is the explanation, and understanding of the universe through the use of the human mind. Spinoza, and Kant are two major modern philosophers, who provided their own philosophical systems involving rationalism. Spinoza’s interpretation involving rationalism was partly succeeded by Kant. Spinoza considered rationalism to provide guidance in human understanding. In order to successfully reach this understanding, the mind must process particular ideas. Spinoza’s philosophy contains a system of ideas; the more distinct ideas are, the easier it is to comprehend those ideas (Spinoza, 1998, p. 66). Ideas that are more particular allow the process of understanding to flow more efficiently. Awareness of what makes more particular ideas, and how to come across more particular ideas allow for better understanding of the said ideas. Confirmation through intellectual thought is also necessary to understand these ideas (Spinoza, 1998, p. 67). Without intellectual verification in the mind, it is unable to fully comprehend these ideas. Ideas are perceptible through natural, and abstract definitions for better comprehension. Spinoza explained the definition of an abstract figure, using a circle as an example. In this definition, he explained what a circle was through its properties, not its essence (Spinoza, 1998, p. 66). Since the essence was not needed for the circle to seem…

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