Monkey Mind By Daniel Smith Essay

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Monkey mind is a memoir written by Daniel Smith. Daniel struggled with anxiety for the majority of his childhood and adult life, and explains his experience with anxiety through the writing of his memoir. When Daniel was diagnosed with anxiety it was almost expected because both his parents also suffered the cognitive condition, so much so that his mother became a therapist in order to understand her own anxiety. Daniel’s anxiety increased significantly when he lost his virginity in a traumatic experience. His story deeply describes his rollercoaster experience of episodes of anxiety through his life. He brings readers through his life timeline from his early childhood to graduating college to life after graduation. Daniel describes his experience of what anxiety feels like, his internal and external coping mechanisms, and the journey of visiting multiple therapists to attempt to diminish his symptoms. Daniel’s story weaves together past, present, and future worries and experiences related to anxiety in rich details that help readers picture the internal workings of the cogitative condition.
Monkey Mind and The Wounded Story Teller:
Daniel’s experience of anxiety can be described as a story of wreckage (Frank, 2013). This wreckage occurs with each episode of anxiety Daniel experiences. He describes these moments as the feeling of an icicle piercing through his body. Frank (2013) describes narrative wreck as a blend of feeling agony, fatigue, doubt, and fear. In…

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