Movies And Its Effects On The Minds Of Children And Adolescents

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(Topic) After the advent of first motion picture cameras in 1890s, movies have become one of our best ways to alleviate stress and manifest feelings and concepts. Movies are the mirror of a society that reflects social practices, incidents and imperfections. Movies are one of the effective means to sow the seeds of aspirations, ideas for making the utopian fantasy to reality. However, in recent years, in order to allure more viewers, movies have followed a disturbing inclination towards violent and sexually explicit storylines. The issue of movies instigating violence in the society is a difficult social conundrum. Number crunching shows that there is an increase of crimes based on violent plots. However, the most unsettling impact of violent plots is on the minds of children and adolescents. Children are vulnerable to accepting the fabrication of the movies as a reality. Many psychological researches have shown that, the exposure of the violent scenes has increased the physical and verbal aggression amongst children. Eliminating all violence from media fades away the reality. As parental control of these matters is impracticable, policy makers and broadcasters should censor upon the violent scenes based on the level and usage of violence. Many researches have shown that aggression can be a result of physiological arousal. The excitation transfer theory (Zillmann, 1983) states ‘Arousal elicited by external sources (e.g., exercise) may be misattributed as anger in…

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