Music And Its Effect On The Body And Mind Essay

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Music is one of the few universal languages found in nearly every culture and society. Music is not only a fundamental aspect of culture, but has found to have a profound topic in both the body and mind. The current reseach explores music and it’s affect on the body and mind. The overarching thesis of this paper is that music is integral to one’s self concept, and that it can have lasting significant benefits on one’s health and wellness. In the first section of this paper, I will discuss how music can be predicted by one’s personality traits. Then, I will discuss background research on how music is processed in the brain. Finally, I will discuss the current hypothesis and music’s beneficial effects in regards to both music education in schools and music therapy.
In modern society, music is a prevalent aspect of society and is often called a universal language due to its presence in a vast number of societies. . From casual listening, to jingles associated with advertisements, to the rhythmic tapping of our feet, music is an inescapable portion of our everyday lives. Through research, music has been found to have a direct link to personality. People view their music tastes as integral to their concept, and often use their music taste as a “social badge”. This “social badge” allows people to determine the type of music they like, and allows for comparison with other’s music tastes . It has been found that music is the most common topic discussed among people getting to know…

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