Essay on My Experience Of Time Management

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Progressing from high school to college has been and was a large and critical step for my personal growth. The transition has included numerous valleys but also high points; both types of experiences have brought about much wisdom and training. Though different from what I was comfortable in, my first semester, so far in college has introduced me to many incidents that have changed me.

Since starting classes in August, I have been able to enforce and learn true time management. Early into the semester I realized daily how many tasks I truly needed to finish in such short amounts of time. Schedules in college are odd in the fact that a great deal of your time is allotted in hour breaks between classes. I feel adjusting to this has been one of my most important alterations because at the end of the day I do not have much focus; therefore, I must utilize every minute of time I have between daytime classes. My gained skill of time management has taught me to value my time. I have made several mistakes contributing to timing in the past two months including waiting until the last minute to turn in homework, not spending enough in-depth time studying, and using what little extra time I have to do tasks unrelated to school. Looking at these reasons as my observable reality and evaluating leading up to my actions have made me place more importance on any time I receive and forces me to choose what I do within this time wisely. I have also begun to value the path it takes to get an…

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