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I chose this poem originally because Autumn is my favorite time of year, but as I read I am struck by how Keats captures the tangibility of the season and can 't help but wonder if it isn 't his favorite time of year also. Keats seems to have created a human persona for the term by using phrases like 'bosom-friend "and "hair soft lifted...".
While perusing each stanza, I have the feeling that I am walking through Autumn. It 's as if the language Keats uses is drawing me onward in a journey through the period and that while I am there I am meeting an old friend. The old fashioned diction increases this feeling of being part of an older time and the use of idioms such as "winnowing wind" make the text sound almost whimsical.
Written in 1819, this work was penned by John Keats, during the era of Romanticism. Keats, due to circumstance, was an apprentice surgeon whose passion was poetry. He struggled to decide which way his career should take him and before writing this text he was playing with the ideas of being a either a poet or a philosopher. It would appear that his choice became clearer over that year as he wrote 5 other Odes, during the spring of 1819 with "To Autumn" being the 6th.
During this era there was a change in perspective for the literary world as they moved from a very fixed set of ideas reflecting the classical period to a more individualistic view, allowing for more emotive emphasis. French poet Charles Baudelaire expressed this concept when he made…

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