My Mind And Body Moves Essay

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I wake with a nasty metallic taste in the back of my mouth and dim light shining right into my sensitive eyes. A humbling noise rattles my ears, but this pain is nothing compared to…to…to…
I can’t exactly remember. I just know it doesn’t hurt as much as something else that happened to me. My mind and body moves extremely slow and my thought process is even slower. It takes my eyes several minutes to actually open and stay open, but my ears work almost instantly after the ringing stops in my head.
“I think she’s waking up,” a deep voice exclaims. It seemed slightly excitement but there is also relief between his words. It is clearly a guy’s voice.
“Oh, goodie. An extra mouth to feed,” high pitched voice complains behind the first voice. Obviously female. Young and rude. “We should have left her there when the hover flipped and the Reds stormed in. They would have taken good care of her.”
“They would have killed her,” the deep voice defends.
“Yes, yes they would have. Save us a lot of trouble,” the girl hisses.
All the while the two argue, I gather my strength and sit up. “I am…wake…and I can hear you, you know,” I grumble, irritated. You can’t just talk like I’m not here. It’s rude. I slowly slid off the hard couch…Well it looks like a couch but feels like a table. The instant, my feet touch the ground, a dizziness overpowers my entire body and I fall forward. I would have hit the cold ground if two strong arms hadn’t swiftly catch me, returning me to my feet.

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