My Skills At The Same Time Essay

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Communication is very important in human civilization history and it has been developed until today so that people will know the best and efficient way to deliver message to audience. Generally, people used to think that speaking is the best way to communicate to other people, however for me, speaking is not the only best way to communicate to the people because we can send our idea or message to other people by using many different ways. In this class, I was taught to have good skills of communication and develop them into four aspect, which are writing, oral, visual, and electronic. All of these aspects have been basic principles of this foundation communication course. I believe that all of my assignments required to use the application of WOVE to make me comprehensively understand the purpose of the assignment and develop my skill at the same time. Writing is one of important part in developing our idea and train ourselves to be more confident because we have time to think and arrange the words properly so that audience can get the message clearly. In this class, I cannot denied that all of the assignment required writing as the main platform however, the most two assignment that I can detect I have improve myself in writing are the first assignment which is cover letter and assignment two which is report. In first assignment, I develop a professional way to write a piece of paper that represent myself to other people so that people will see my confident and my…

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